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Trust your Vibes and be More Creative

Your Vibes or Intuition is together with Play, Curiosity and Action one of the cornerstones of Creativity.

Wanting to reconnect with my creative core on a deeper level, I found Sonia Choquette’s Trust Your Vibes, this book has been a very helpful guide in the journey making me more aware of what it takes to awaken the creative experience.

Though some might be familiar with some of these tips and concepts by common sense or because they are already in contact with their intuition, it’s always nice to encounter a reminder now and then.

I present to you a very fast sum up of Sonia Choquette’s Trust Your Vibes.

1. Intuition

Intuition is something natural. To accept we all have this gift is important to open the door to listening to your vibes. Be aware of the subtle, intricate connections we all share and appreciate them. Believe that synchronicities aren’t just expressions of chance, they are confirmations that at a higher level, we are connected with the knowing all.

2. Common sense and the body

Balanced meals, exercise, good sleep, day breaks and avoiding too much sugar, too much alcohol, to much wheat are just some basics of getting in contact with your body, more than a vehicle, our body is like a great antenna that captures the energy that goes around you – the sixth sense needs as well the other five to communicate to our soul what is going on.

3. Get grounded

You know you are ungrounded when you fall out of touch with reality and experience any of the following:

You exaggerate problems, fret over imagined things, or act like a drama queen, you feel insecure, you drop the ball, go in circles, can’t concentrate and spend lots of energy accomplishing very little. Your energy gets blocked and you get cut off from your intuition.

So how to reconnect?

Get back into your body by doing something physical… sports, but even taking a 20min. walk will do. This can also jump-start your creativity as well, especially if you’re stuck.

4. Breathe

To trust your vibes, you must maintain a peaceful and relatively calm attitude. Proper breathing does the trick, for some breathing consciously is an art and a style of life – To start take some time a minute or 3 to breathe purposely, slowly and deeply. Make it a habit or use it before tackling the most difficult issues.

5. Shhhh…

To sense your vibes, yourself, the whole, learn to quiet your mind. Quiet time or Meditation is the perfect way to make your ego step aside and let the true source speak to you. To Meditate: take time in a place where you won't be bothered, Breathe purposely, relax your body and then observe your mind – Try this for 5 minutes and then upgrade to 10 as you conquer the quiet in your inner space… try this for a whole week and see the results.

6. Observe, Don’t absorb

No matter what happens around you, stay focused and committed to your priorities and goals. Remain neutral to what you witness, practice being objective, and observe how much more intuitive you are.

7. Words are power

Pay attention to what you say and how you say it, use your words well, and speak thoughtfully with self-control. Words are energy that can work for or against you, attracting that which you express… Think about it. ;)

8. Psychic protection

-Identify a bad vibe for what it is and see how it affects you.

- Speak up the minute you feel any negativity.

- Discover where the negativity is coming from – it could even come from you!

- If you feel negativity coming your way from someone else, be loving and try to repair it. Negativity is often born out of misunderstandings…

- Protect yourself energetically by consciously creating good vibes. Speak positively to yourself and others, and recognize who and what feels good.

9. Tune in, tune out

Avoid dwelling on mental images that convey negative, depressing violent or destructive vibrations. Zero in on what you say, and listen to it mentally. Recognise the correlation between what you broadcast and what comes back to you. To all the negative stuff that leaves you drained and with a feeling of being unloved, consciously change the channel: Avoid violent movies, and listen to joyful music… if you want inspiration seek and think inspiring thoughts.

10. Go with the flow

Become flexible in your thinking and actions. Trust and give space for the messages of the universe… say yes to your intuitive impulses.

11. Lighten up

Clear away everything that prevents you from tuning into higher vibrations- that is everything that takes up space or energy but doesn’t contribute to your life.

12. Let go of the old story

Dwelling on the past is perhaps one of the greatest obstacles. The more we focus on the past the more we’ll miss the "message" that is being relayed to us in this moment.

13. Write it down

Journaling is one of the best tools to get in contact with your inner self and to realize that your vibes DO work!

14. Pray

The hotline to your Higher Self is prayer – communicating at a heart-felt level with whomever we feel is "the Creator"

15. Seek higher vibrations

Listen to your senses. Pay attention to the environment, and the feel of it. If something seems a dissonant energy or a downer, turn it out, turn it off and move away.

16. Team up

Get together with people who also want to sense their vibes – like a support group where you can learn more and feel safe sharing and discovering about these topics. Speak up and share your vibes, you might be supporting others without even knowing. ;)

17. Fake it till you make it

Walk the walk and talk the talk of your intuitive role models – don’t limit yourself, get inspired.

18. Trust in the support that comes from your "guides". Ask and you shall be gifted

19. Be open to keep learning

20. Think positive – expect the best from the universe

21. Love the adventure - Feed your soul

Focus on what makes you content and fills you with a sense of satisfaction. Indulge every day… even if it’s a little while.

22. Know that there is always a solution

View every inconvenience, disappointment, challenge and upset as an invitation to live a higher way. Embrace the opportunity and ask your Higher Self to guide you to the gift it holds.

23. Let your Higher Self lead

Reprogram your mind to let the subconscious do the work. The way to influence it is to cooperate and shift alliances from ego to Higher Self is through repletion and consistency, so repeat often: “Higher Self take over” use it in moments of worry and struggle.

24. Look past appearances

Be willing to look at others without judging, projecting, or telling yourself a story about them. To obtain the truth one must simply observe and learn.

25. See "Divinity" within everything

Shift your perception and see things from the Soul, not from the mind.

26. Laugh

Don’t take yourself too seriously. No matter what, remember: Situations are critical, but not serious. After all this is just a ride. ;)

27. Be willing to create.

Be creative: Doodle, colour, scribble, dance, make music and enjoy: express

You spirit!

28. Love yourself

29. Share!

Be generous, the Universe gifts us constantly with abundance. Believe there is always enough and more for everybody and that the more you give the more you’ll get. This is a spiritual law.

30. Slow down

Slowing down is an act of faith, wisdom and surrender.

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