Blocks To Creativity: Shame

“What will the neighbors think?” We've all heard this phrase before, used by close family members or maybe in an unexpected moment by us, to us or others. Shame is a sometimes-unconscious controlling device. Shaming someone is an attempt to prevent a person from behaving in a way that embarrasses us. Those of us who get put down by fear before action are usually being sabotaged by this old enemy. To create as our true self may expose our personal secrets, and even deeper, some family secret too. "Stop it! They are looking at you!" when it's in fact the adult saying this who is feeling judged. “How dare you!” – Angry adults often rage at an innocent child whose curiosity has lead him to stumb

What makes the X-Factor in you?

The Clues of our Creativity Clues of our Creativity are revealed to us at a very short age. They manifested as a zoned in space and time, where we were completely focused, curious, intuitive and hands on into what ever it was that caught our attention. As we grow up and enter the “adult world” some of us loose connection with these first manifestations of our path and joy. The realization of these 3 things can help us profoundly, define and sustain the original creative spark. 1. The gifts of Childhood Growing up in Venezuela there where 2 things one couldn’t miss in a kids birthday party: The loud, Disco and Salsa music coming from the stereo inside the house and The Piñata. Now imagine a

How does the genius of Creativity come about?

The Act of Creation, The Child and the Fool. The first time a heard of Arthur Koesler’s book: The Act of Creation, I was reading Parsifal and the search for the Grail. In it, the author explained how the well-known writer, had produced this very thick volume, which tackled a problem that no one had tackled before, and it was quite relevant to the understanding of the lessons learnt by our round table hero. The problem was this: There are certain people whom we call “creative”. Some are scientists, some are doctors, some are poets, painters, musicians – and they have one thing in common: They are able to create something different, something which is not an exact repetition, but new and origi

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