The complete step-by-step guide on overcoming fear

Am I good enough? What if I fail? What if…? Yes. We have all had these thoughts. We have all wanted to create (do something) and we have been unable to and we have called that inability laziness, mediocrity, or _____________ (fill in your mean word) These statements are not merely inaccurate. They are cruel. Accuracy and compassion serve us far better. As “A blocked creative” we don’t know how to begin with baby steps. Instead, we think in terms of great, big scary, impossible tasks that overwhelm us. When these big tasks are not accomplished or even begun, we call our paralysis all sorts of down-putting names – Don’t call it that. Call it FEAR Fear is the enemy of success Fear puts us into

Self-Sabotage Busters

Each of us is a unique, creative individual. But… We often tend to numb that uniqueness. Bottom line is we do it because we’ve become more comfortable being victims of our circumstances or “stuck” than risking having to be consistently productive. It suddenly hits us like a wave of indifference: “What’s the use? There’s already a whole bunch of people ahead of me.” One look at the road of “doing” from this perspective and we turn it into a scary path, this is how we begin to get distracted by roadside events or bumps. Take a good look at our most common self-picked sabotages: Drugs Food: binging on sugar, fats and/or carbohydrates Overwork Underplay Bad relations Saying yes
to what we really

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