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Tarot for Creativity

Your open door to personal power and self-development

Drawing on tradition, this workshop provides a modern take and distinct approach that highlights our everyday lives as a source of insight, wisdom, and growth. 

Find the spark for your next project 

As a daily tool for reflection and a powerful vehicle for self-discovery, The Tarot reveals creative opportunities, awakens fresh viewpoints, and offers a new take on life's possibilities. 

Look through a different lens and

out of the box

Whether you're selecting a card to set the tone for your day, or putting in practice your attention to detail through the reading of symbols, colours and meanings, you are invigorating your creative energy.

Inspire yourself before tackling the goals of the day, 

Tarot will help you open closed doors and reveal new paths, teaching you how to see things and yourself in a different way.

Learn to:

  • Read the cards with confidence.

  • Use Tarot cards as a powerful vehicle to self-discovery. 

  • Listen to yourself.

  • Reveal creative opportunities. 

  • Invigorate your creative energy and awaken fresh viewpoints.

  • Set a positive tone for your day.


Minor Arcana

Saturday, June 25th - 9.30am to 4.30pm