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Jennifer from The Creative Workshops

I'm Jennifer, the founder of The Creative Workshops. 


I nurture and inspire you through transformational journeys,  

each is a step-by-step process to ignite your authentic self 

so that you can live your life with more love, laughter, freedom and happiness. 


In Spanish, we call it 'Fuego!'.

​"Everybody Dreams, I'm concerned about the "Daring" and "Growing" part."

I am not only flesh and bones, I am a spiritual being, I am an artist

Through ups and downs, changing professions and continents, I've embarked on an incredible journey of multiple lives lived. 


From Architecture to music, exploring diverse styles, cultures, and languages, I've learned that fear and unhealed self-talk can hinder our ability to thrive and manifest our dreams. And manifesting ideas and expressing myself is my lifelong saviour, fascination, and drive.

In my quest to overcome these obstacles and adapt, I discovered a powerful roadmap that not only transformed my own challenges but also helped others around me, regardless of their self-perception as creative individuals.

We are all creative beings at our core; it's in our essence. By giving ourselves permission to embrace our creativity, we unlock our unique gifts and talents, enhancing problem-solving skills and productivity in our daily lives. The more connected we are to ourselves and our cycles, the more creative and effective we become and the more joy and fulfilment we can bring into our lives

Inspired by this realization, The Creative Workshops were born. It is my belief that self-awareness is not only the foundation of our creative persona but also the catalyst for personal growth and transformation. By going beyond ourselves and embracing our interconnectedness, we not only create better circumstances for ourselves but also foster thriving communities and remarkable organizations for the future.




 Jennifer Zea is a creative, engaging and powerful speaker. Course facilitator and Artist, Jennifer majored in architecture in 1997 working in the corporate world for more than 10 years. She has been a professional musician, writer and leisure painter for over 30 years. Working in a variety of different musical projects, her solo album The Latin Soul has been nominated for best jazz album  as well as Best Roots album of the year for her Sonido of Latinaotearoa album, in the Latinaotearoa band.









 Ready to connect to the vibrant, authentic self you were born to be?


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Let's go!
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