​4 Master Steps to Start-up your Creativity

How to rediscover your own Creativity? The world we are in is in constant creation. It only takes a look around us to realize that this is our inherited state. Creativity is natural to us, not just as we grow and reproduce, but also in how, like all other living organisms, we affect one another by just being. The presence of certain elements in a particular environment defines the type of plants or animal growing and living within it. Species control each other’s population by the proportions and types of predators and preys existing within each ecosystem. Civilizations are distinctive from one another, as they develop traits that are a combination of who their inhabitants are and what it ta

9 Effective Steps to Deal with Criticism

How to Deal with Criticism? Criticism is one of the hardest, inevitable “crossroads” for a flowing creative being. I say crossroad because it can take you either way, for example, pointed criticism, if accurate, will give the creative mind a sense of relief: “Ah, ha! So that’s what was wrong with it.” Useful criticism ultimately leaves us with one more puzzle piece for our work. Useless criticism, on the other hand, leaves us with a feeling of being intimidated, as if we have hit a big wall now hard to pass. These are some useful way of dealing with ANY form of criticism and making it work for you: 1. Receive the criticism all the way through and get it over with Hear it or read it without

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