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​4 Master Steps to Start-up your Creativity

How to rediscover your own Creativity?

The world we are in is in constant creation.

It only takes a look around us to realize that this is our inherited state. Creativity is natural to us, not just as we grow and reproduce, but also in how, like all other living organisms, we affect one another by just being.

The presence of certain elements in a particular environment defines the type of plants or animal growing and living within it. Species control each other’s population by the proportions and types of predators and preys existing within each ecosystem. Civilizations are distinctive from one another, as they develop traits that are a combination of who their inhabitants are and what it takes to thrive in the land they first emerged.

These are only some examples of how creativity is constantly manifesting. Mankind has been capable of creating the world we know, to better comfort or to expand, evolving from living in caves to creating massive constructions, transport system, sophisticated laws of exchange, religions and governments.

These are the ideas that have advanced us as a group through the course of history. Creativity is the power that drives this world’s evolution and our progress as a specie.

But what about the individual? Man as a single entity. Shouldn’t he/she be constantly moving forward within this chain pattern? Shouldn’t you?

We see in certain others that effortless connection, yet somehow, some of us have lost the link to that special flow, to the point of leading us to shutting out any possibility of ever having experienced it, if not asking ourselves:

Where has our creativity gone?

It hasn’t gone anywhere. We are in its way.

These are the 4 Master Steps to get out of your own way and let yourself BE creative:

1. Realize how you lost connection

We lose connection by taking ourselves too seriously.

It is important to acknowledge that in adulthood, status, responsibility, rush, hardship, circumstances and all that encompasses the weight of our history are factors that can and will eventually petrify our mindset.

Awareness of their toll on our capability to see things anew and stay fresh is the key.

2. Reconnect to the basic Principles of Creativity

The basic principles of creativity come instinctively to children, and are sustained in adulthood by artists, inventors and entrepreneurs with vision.

These principles are the foundation of the process and they are not rocket science:

Engaged Play, Curiosity and Imagination. All of which are perfectly learnable.

Start by giving them a small space in your busy schedule; pencil any of these activities in as an appointment with yourself.

This “Artist’s routine” is a necessary space and method to experience long lost delight and meaning, to reboot and seed innovating thoughts.

3. Believe in the Bigger Picture

We are part of a bigger picture, like the world around us that is in constant creation, we are too,

connected to the underlining forces that drive this action.

To rely on this sort of “electricity” helps us transcend our own limitations.

To acknowledge that in the creative process there is a union of the “creator” archetype within to the grand creator without (which ever it is or you may call it) can greatly expand our creative possibilities.

Also, we are just at one point of our journey. We are not exclusively who we are in this moment. We are together with our experiences, a compendium of abilities we have acquired in our lifetime, the capability of believing in the value of this lot is to see this bigger picture, putting it all to work effectively will eventually define our uniqueness.

4. Leap from belief to action

The act of creation is risky business, as we venture from the faith in us, from finding our deep self and what is original in ourselves, to putting it out into the world.

We get to where we want to go only by going, by doing. With constant practice we are creating new pathways and dusting the old ones. Test-driving our ideas in small steps, with no judgment, fear of failure or disproportionate expectations is the solid start to reviving our own Creativity.

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