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Journey into the unbounded, true YOU

Let's work together
What to expect:


​Week 1
  • The Basic principles and tools for the Creative Journey

  • Looking into our Self now

  • Achieving a sense of safety in order to explore your Creativity


                            Week 2
  • Drawing new boundaries to let your Creativity flourish.

  • Opening minds - Using Awareness to get the most of you and your environment


Week 3
  • Letting go of old Boundaries

  • Dealing with Anger, Shame and Criticism

  • Self-sourcing: How to use your Intuition


                            Week 4
  • Gearing up for Change

  • Changing your self-definition

  • Practicing Self-Awareness

  • Limits – Limited notions and how to break through.

  • What does it really mean to go with the flow: 

  • How to do it!


Week 5
  • Spirituality, MONEY and Creative Abundance

  • The Source Within: Practices for Creativity.

  • Making the Past work for you


                            Week 6


  • Tackling External Obstacles

  • The Use of Time

  • The creative's “Discipline” 


Week 7
  • Overcoming Fear

  • Blasting through Toxic Patterns

  • Dealing with Last minute Self-Sabotage

Week 8
  • Nurturing your Craft, your Space and You

  • Setting Goals (Your intention and Commitment)

  • Using the artist’s Rituals

“Deep within us lies the key to our success: Our true self, the fountain of our unbounded creative persona”​

A 3-month program to reveal your own personal artistry through self-discovery and awareness.


We all have the capability of unfolding creatively but sometimes it may not be a simple show on demand. It is not a matter of making inspirations and ideas come from somewhere else, but of unblocking the obstacles to its natural flow.


These sessions will give you the power to unlock and use your own unique artistry with confidence, amplify your vision and connect all your habilities to produce the results you have been yearning for.

  • Reconnect to your own creative persona

  • Understand and change beliefs that hold you back

  • Develop a powerful mindset

  • Bridge Ideas into Action

  • Bring you closer to your own personal power and higher sense of purpose 



Call NOW for

THE CREATIVE SESSION introducing you to this powerful workshop

09 528 3474

0210 230 8664

Who should attend?

- Anyone who wants to inject  creative

  substance into their day to day lives.

- Individuals seeking insight in life

  changes and  important choices

- People seeking deeper self-awareness

  and  understanding of their personal


Let's go!
Let's go!
What people are saying about us:

“Jennifer is not only a good teacher, she is also a great human being warm, open-­hearted, great listener, great advisor... in one word... inspiring. She lives by what she teaches and has a goal to change as many of us for the better as she can!”    

Paul M.


“ Awesome session where you have the opportunity to explore your personal barriers, understand them and work to move past them. Thank you!”

Heather G.


“Jennifer is a knowledgeable human being with ability to inspire and capture peoples body, mind and soul in the moment of learning”

Benafsha H.


“The content sparked ideas in me about how this can be used both at home and in the workplace. I’m more creative than I thought I was”

Jared P.




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