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​"Everybody Dreams, I'm concerned about the "Daring" and "Growing" part."

I am an artist


Performing and doing music is my profession, but it’s more than that. Of course, manifesting an idea, expressing myself, has been my lifelong savior and fascination.


I majored in architecture and worked in the corporate world while, working as a professional musician and songwriter. I’ve been doing the artist bit for over 20 fulfilling years.


Having seen the full scope of both worlds, I noticed through my own experience, and that of others around, that belief systems like fear and our own inner self-talk could stop us from thriving in the things that we most love or at least, from manifesting our ideas proudly for ourselves and/or in front of others, neglecting considerable possibilities for our lives or our work.


In the process of overcoming these obstacles, I came across a set of dynamics that not only worked well on my challenges but also on the challenges of those I shared it with, no matter if they considered themselves creative or not.


The reality is, that we are all creatives. We manifest Creativity in different ways; this is not only reserved to “artists”. Cycles of productivity and challenges on problem solving are experienced by all of us. The more aware we are of the cycles and of ourselves the more creative and effective we become.


The Creative Workshops came about as a personal quest to transform potential into multiple possibilities, I believe awareness is not only the core of our creative persona but also of our growth. And if we reach beyond us, from our interconnectedness, we ultimately create better circumstances, better communities and amazing organizations.




 Jennifer Zea is a creative, engaging and powerful speaker. Course facilitator and Artist, Jennifer majored in architecture in 1997 working in the corporate world for more than 10 years. She has been a professional musician, writer and leisure painter for over 20 years. Working in a variety of different musical projects, her solo album The Latin Soul has been nominated for best jazz album  as well as Best Roots album of the year for her Sonido of Latinaotearoa album, in the Latinaotearoa band.









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"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".